Readiness of mind, analytical thinking, flexibility, the ability to act independently and on my own responsibility as well in a team and the ability to plan and coordinate but also support with hands-on mentality are my strength. My passion for Media and Communications has shaped my life.

Moreover, I love traveling and a getting to know other cultures and countries. I am an open minded person who actively supports her colleagues. Sport will always be an important part of my live and writing is my passion.

Date & place of Birth
06 Oct 1988 / Vienna, Austria


Hands-On mentality and teamworking skills were required my work at an Communications Agency, where I first was responsible for the PR for clients and then focused on the newly introduced Swatch Beach Volleyball Major Series, a joint venture with Red Bull. Working together with Red Bull and the Red Bull Media House I learned a lot in the areas of moving and still images as well as general media work and managemant. For 3 years I was responsible for the media work related to the yearly international FIVB Beach Volleyball Tournament in Klagenfurt, 2015 I was engaged with the introduction of the new tour. While working I was also responsible for 2 to 3 interns, which helped me to gain first experience in leading people. All details about my work experience can be found here.

While studying I was working at the local Campus Radio and also in the field of service, where I was able to join the Formula1 in 2008 with Do&Co. Two summer breaks I spent barkeeping and one I spent driving through Austria, from one public bath to another, doing kids animation and product promotion. During this time I learned a lot in terms of working together in a team and gained Know-How in the field of Hospitality.


My heart craves for the endless sea, stunning mountains, calming lakes – different countries & cultures as well as the urban city flairs around the world. This plus my love for writing lead to the simple conclusion of starting my own little blog. Read more here